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In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful


"By (the Token of ) time (through the ages), surely people are in loss,
exceptthe ones who have believed and donedeeds of righteousness and enjoin oneanother to the Truth, and enjoin one another to patience"
(Al-Qur’an :103:1-3)

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At-Taqwa Centre 

1041-1043 High Road

Chadwell Heath



In July 2014, At-Taqwa Trust completed the purchase of the building with the intention of securing a centre which will meet the needs of both the sizeable Muslim and non-Muslim community in Chadwell Heath.


Our vision is to develop this centre to be more than just a place which offers prayer facilities. In addition to serving this vital function, we also intend for this centre to fulfil the following roles:

1. Hub of the Community

In the Muslim community, a Islamic Centre acts as the vital hub of the community. It has the ability to motivate and mobilise the community towards good and positive developments. At-Taqwa Trust wishes to extend this concept to benefit the wider community.

2. Develop the Community

At-Taqwa Centre recognise some of the issues faced by our community whether they be related to education, drugs, crime, violence or antisocial behaviour. We seek to work with the community in tackling these problems.

3. Engage the Community

In extension to the primary role of a Centre, At-Taqwa Trust wishes to establish a centre for promoting awareness, social justice and unity for the benefit of everyone in our community.

We hope to make available services to engage the local community and address the needs of not only Muslims but also non-Muslim residents. These services may include, but are not limited to:

Family Fun Days
Supplementary Classes for Children
Support Groups for the Elderly & Disabled
Women only sessions
Meeting & Conference Facilities